Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tek-tips Question

Using Great Plains 7.5 with SQL 2000. I k now that updating SQL statistics and recompling SQL stored procedures are recommended for monthly maintenance. Are there any other recommended monthly procedures (checking links, reconciling tables), etc... Any help would be appreciated, this has sort of been put upon me quickly.

My response:
On the database side its mostly DBCC commands. In GP, our monthly task includes but not limited to:
1) Paid Transaction Removal
2) Removal of completed Purchase Orders
Removal of completed Sales Orders
4) Removeal of Discontinued Items
5) Removal of Sold Receipts
6) Reconcile Sales Documents (updates Remaining Subtotal, etc.)
7) Reconcile Inventory Quantities

If you have Manufacturing modules:
6) Removal of Cancelled MO's
7) Removal of closed MO's


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