Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Creating or opening a Note in Collection Management

We just moved all our servers to a new CoLo and part of this exercise was moving our SQL Server and shared files to a new VM server. After configuring the new server I had to update all GP Client's Dynamics.set to point to this server as it host some of our dictionaries.

Everything was working except certain users who try to create or open a Note in Collection Main and would hanged for 3-5 minutes. So I looked at their set files even restarted the server and nothing seems to work.

Finally, I created a new user and created a new Note. The system requested for an OLE Notes path and this will be save to Dex.ini. I went to the users who were having the issues and checked their OLEPATH in Dex.ini and surely it was pointing to a folder in our old server.

Just a note to all GP admins, I recommend having a dedicated server for this otherwise you can point it local: OLEPATH = C:\folder\.

Also, UNC Pathnames are not recognized as a valid path for OLE Notes.