Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tek-tips Question I

I'm going to create a series for Tek-tips questions from Great Plains users. This maybe a simple question or complex question but would be handy for new and old users of the system.

The first would look at Drop-ship sales orders. Here's the user question:

"We are having a problem with the invoicing distributions when we post a drop ship order. We have a mysterious entry showing up at the end that is not visible in the original distribution screen. It is type for inv and cogs. Does anyone one know where it is coming from?"

Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold are created during invoice posting and should be coming from the sale line item distribution accounts. This is by design because the cost of the items are not known until the invoice is posted.

If the sales line item distribution is blank you can manually enter accounts, some companies do this whenever a non-inventoried item was entered.

If this is an inventoried item, the accounts should be coming from the item card. If the Drop Ship items account is blank on the item card the system would look at the posting setup for inventory (Setup>Posting>Posting Setup>Display:Inventory) then Drop Ship Items.