Monday, May 23, 2005


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In order to create a Purchase Order link from the Sales Order the item should be on Back Order in the Sales Transaction Entry window.


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Click on the Purchase button then the Purchase Orders Preview window will open. In the PO Preview window you can see the mark which means these are required fields to create the Purchase Order link. To fill the required fields you have to open the PO tab and assign a Vendor ID then the Item tab to assign the Vendor Item field.

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Once you assign the Vendor ID and Vendor Item mark all the boxes then choose Generate to create the Purchase Order.

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The Purchase Order Generation Register will print and will show the Purchase Order created and the Sales Document Number.

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A paperclip in the Sales Order line item will indicate that the item is linked to a Purchase Order. To check the link click the right beside the Quantity Ordered field and this will open the PO Commitment for Sales Document window which shows the PO Number.

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If you open the Purchase Order created from the Sales Order you could also see a paperclip indicating that it is committed to a Sales Order. The Allow Sales Documents Commitments will be mark automatically to indicate that there is a link. You can open the Sales Commitment for Purchase Order window by choosing the right beside Quantity Ordered.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Reporting Services screenshot

Reporting Services screenshot
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As promised, here's how the RS looks like after install. I purchased a book in today to help me in implementing RS. After a few minutes of looking at reviews I got - Hitchhiker's Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
by Peter Blackburn, William R. Vaughn.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

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I've been a member of Tek-Tips since Mar 18, 2003, and as of today had logged in 546 times. Last time I logged in was Sat, May 21, 2005, and since joining had started 69 threads and posted 299 replies.

The SQL Server Web Data Administrator

I've been using Citrix Nfuse for years to access my SQL Server data but when Microsoft released a web interface that can help you manage your SQL Server databases, I downloaded it right away and never looked back. With this tool, called the SQL Server Web Data Administrator, you can:

* Perform ad-hoc queries against databases and save them to your file system.
* Create/edit databases in SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000.
* View, create, and edit stored procedures.
* Export and import database schema and data.
* Manage users and roles.

Where do I download?

You can download the SQL Server Web Data Administrator from Microsofts Web site. Before installing it, you must meet the following requirements:

* Windows 2000 SP4, Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP
* SQL Server 7.0 SP2 or higher
* Microsoft .NET SDK or Visual Studio.NET
* IE 5.5 or higher

Note: These are the requirements of the machine that the product is being installed on.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Installing SQL Server Reporting Services

I started installing SQL Server Reporting Services today and saw a lot of required softwares including Visual Studio.Net, IIS and I wasn't prepared for all the software required but was able to complete the install.

On this test server I have Windows 2003 server, SQL Server 2000 Std Edition, SQL Server Analysis Services, MBS Great Plains 8.0 and Crystal Reports 10. Another test server I have my Active Directory, DNS,DHCP, IIS and Microsoft Business Portal 2.5.

I've named the other server TestPortal while this is GPSQLTest. I'll discuss more about the GPSQLTest server. I've been reading about SQL Server SP4 and like the other SP that came before, I will wait and see what others had to say.