Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to setup your role in Great Plains 9.0

The first time that you log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0, you can select to have default information that is specific to your job displayed on your home page. When you select a user role that is similar to your job responsibilities, the information that is displayed on your home page will be set up for you to use right away. Reminders, Reports, SmartList favorites, and Metrics that you might use daily will be displayed on your home page, and default settings for each of the five areas of your home page will be applied. Click the Customize this page link to open the Customize Home Page window.

Once the Customize Home Page window is open click on the Change Role button.

Choose OK

Select an industry and a role that best describes the work that you do so that information specific to your job will be displayed on your home page. For each role, there are unique default settings for the content areas on your home page. For example, if you select the Accounting Manager role, reminders for recurring General Ledger batches will be displayed in the To Do area of your home page, and you will have quick links set up for windows that you would use frequently, such as the Master Posting window, Summary Inquiry window, and the Checkbook Balance Inquiry window. Look on the left-side of the Select Home Page window to get some information on the tasks for the role you’ve chosen. Click OK once you’ve selected your role.