Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Great Plains ver7.5 Bug Report II

Let me rephrase the title because GP don't use bug, instead I'll use Great Plains ver7.5 Product Report II.

In Smartlist, sometimes a user can accidentally open an object by mistake. In this case instead of using Receivables Transactions, he/she opens Receiving Transactions. If this happen, you'll get this message:

FP: Null Field Address Form: - XX Wind:XXX Fld:XXXX

When you close the message, the Unhandled script exception error opens. Now you can't get out of the error mesaage and you're stuck. The next thing the user needs to do is contact the Great Plains administrator to clear your userid in the database or use User Activity to delete your session.

I've reported this to GP and the PR code is 42126 which they said doesn't appear that it's slated to be addressed in the coming releases.

If you experience the same error on other objects, please go to CustomerSource and report the incident. The more PR code created of the same nature, will move the PR priority even though this isn't a critical error to resolve in the first place.