Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hotfix for Smartlist EXP1493.dic file

The hotfix is related to Smartlist. After downloading 8.0 SP2, Great Plains won't open because there were violation of primary keys at login. Here's a more detailed explanation of the hotfix from MBS:

The hotfix is a chunk file for Smartlist EXP1493.dic file. There is a bug with updating to 8.0 if you have Smartlist favorites that were created for a specific user or class.

We fixed this issue in 8.0 SP2, however, this fix created another issue where we violated the primary key on the ASIEXP081 and ASIEXP086 tables to fix that issue.

The hotfix takes care of the violation of primary key issue but also ensures that your Smartlist favorites are still there and available for the user or class as defined in 7.5.

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