Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dex.ini Settings

I wanted to write about Dex.ini and explain what is in the file and how can it help the user experience. Before I started working on it, I thought maybe somebody else already had an article on this. True enough I found a good article from Merit Solutions, here's a summary and if you want more detail just click the link:

DEX.INI: The Microsoft Dynamics GP defaults files which contain setup and operating information. Each setting contains information such as where files are located and whether certain functions are performed. It is stored on each computer where the Microsoft Dynamics GP application files are installed. The information in the file affects only the computer where the file is located. This file is also essential for Microsoft Dynamics GP to run correctly, so we have to be very careful when editing it. But at the same time, it can be a good advantage to explore its possibilities.

Below are some settings which can be used for troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics GP problems or making work in Dynamics GP more comfortable. Some of them are default settings, but some of them are optional.

    SQLLogAllODBCMessages=TRUE - Turn on all of these 3 settings and information is going to be appended to the end of the existing log DEXSQL.LOG file (or a new file is going to be created)

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