Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office

How close is Microsoft Dynamics to Microsoft Office? It's VSTO away.

A current GotDotNet project had started which gives users a collection of software programs for Microsoft Dynamics that snap in to Microsoft Office 2003. That's the good news, the bad news is nothing has been done for Dynamics GP. The current snap in were only developed for Dynamics AX and CRM.

The developers promised that snap in for Dynamics GP would be available soon. Snap is a set of add-in applications in Office that surface business data and processes. It uses VSTO to program the Office Object Model and Dynamics Business Connector to interact with the data in Dynamics without requiring any server side code or changes.

Snap in should not be mistaken for Information Bridge Framework (IBF). There are white papers available that could provide more in-depth analysis when to use IBF or VSTO, check this link:


Anonymous said...

What link? It says check this link...I'd love to!

duke said...

Check the link now.