Friday, July 22, 2005

Database and application versions do not match error in Enterprise Reporting database

When you try to log on to a Microsoft Business Solutions - Enterprise Reporting database, you receive the following error message:

Database and application versions do not match. Please contact your sales representative concerning an upgrade.

This problem occurs if the name of the Microsoft SQL Server database on the server includes a space. Before you follow the instructions in this article, make sure that you have a complete backup copy of the database that you can restore if a problem occurs.
To resolve this problem, rename the database by using a name that does not contain a space.
To rename the database, follow these steps:
1. Start SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
2. Locate the database whose name contains a space. Make sure that you know where the .mdb file for this database is located on the server.
3. Right-click the database, click All Tasks, and then click Detach Database.
4. Right-click Databases, click All Tasks, and then click Attach Database.
5. In the Attach Database dialog box, locate the .mdb file for this database.
6. In the Attach as field, rename the database. Use a name that does not contain any spaces.
7. Update your Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection with this new database name.


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